Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New videos on invasive plant identification available from University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension

The Renz lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Agronomy Department and UW-Extension has a series of videos for the identification of invasive plants. These videos can be found at the new UW-Extension Weed Science website:

Currently there are 13 videos with 6 to 10 more planned for release this coming field season. The current species covered are:
  1. Black swallow-wort
  2. Bush honeysuckles
  3. Canada thistle
  4. Common tansy
  5. Creeping bellflower
  6. Dame's rocket
  7. Garlic mustard
  8. Hill mustard
  9. Leafy spurge
  10. Plumeless thistle
  11. Spotted knapweed
  12. Teasel
  13. Wild chervil
The UW-Extension Weed Science website also has a number of other resources. There are presentations, factsheets, links, and much more.